Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Terracotta Tulsi Lamps - Painted for Diwali Festival

We are getting ready for Diwali. I bought and hand-made a few terracotta/clay lamps for the festival. Oh, the markets are flaunting amazing collection of lamps! Please bargain; some vendors quote crazy rates for the lamps.
I bought the terracotta tulsi lamps from the market, and decided to paint it. You can engage the entire family in the task of painting the lamps. Will be fun especially for the kids and the elderly, and such task/activity will bind the family together. Lots of ideas will flow too. Plus the sense of satisfaction may be high. :-)
For the base layer, I have used Yellow enamel paint, and then used acrylic paints. Sharing a sample painting-in-progress photo.
Updated after a few hours of posting the photo:
I completed the painting of both the tulsi lamps and a few small lamps. Also managed to assemble them. Here are photos of the finished products.


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